Fundraising with EcoLife

Shop ecoLife is the ecommerce arm of ecoLife Fundraising, created to help raise funds for schools and charities, while also introducing households to eco-awesome products that benefit the planet.

“Our concept is simple: Create an online store that will help raise funds for schools, while at the same time instilling in students the concept of sustainability and social good. We have a responsibility to prepare our children for lives rich with kindness, social activism and responsible consumerism. Peddling candy bars and wrapping paper simply doesn’t do that. Every one of our hand-selected products gives back to the world in a some fashion. It’s our goal to show children that everyone can make a positive difference in the world, and they, too, can one day give back in their own unique and profound way.”


Make profit. Make a difference.

ecoLife is all about raising funds for schools and charities. Interested in starting a fundraiser of your own?? Super awesome. Check out the ecoLife Fundraising website.

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